Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research Centre for Excellence in Earth System Research National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad

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1 NAME OF THE FACULTY: Physical Sciences


In order to coordinate and formulate geophysical studies in a systematic manner, a Planning Committee for Geophysics was constituted by Government of India in 1946. Consequently, the Central Board of Geophysics (CBG) was formed which was taken over by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) leading eventually to the establishment of the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) in 1961 with a mandate for basic and applied research in Earth Sciences. Over the last 50 years, NGRI has evolved into a world renowned centre for advanced studies with multidisciplinary Earth Science research programs that are in tune with the mission of CSIR. Together with focus on understanding basic earth processes, the charter of NGRI envisages research in several vital applied geo-science themes of societal relevance. The academic features of the institute include the following:

  • Project mode R & D collaborations with scientists from several countries
  • Scientists as ‘Guest Faculty’ in different Universities in India and abroad
  • 56 Ph.Ds. since 2005
  • 250 JRF/SRF/RA and Project Assistants
  • 125 Summer Trainees from ISM, IITs and various other Universities

The Charter of NGRI

  • Research for innovation and development of methods and techniques for geophysical exploration for minerals, groundwater and energy resources, etc., through
    • Theoretical and experimental studies in geophysical prospecting methods and interpretation techniques
    • Development and fabrication of geophysical instruments
    • Aerial, ground and marine geophysical surveys supplemented by the use of geological and geochemical investigations wherever needed and management studies for optimum resource exploration
  • Investigations of the solid earth through studies in geodynamics, seismology, geomagnetism, gravity fields, paleo-magnetism, geochronology, geochemistry, geo-thermics, geo-hydrology, geo-electrical,, rock mechanics, physical properties of rocks etc., with special emphasis on applications
  • Providing technical consultancy service to the industry, the proceeds of which shall be fed back to the research and development program of the Institute.
  • Promoting the use of geophysical methods in the country for the search of natural resources, engineering applications and the study of the earth's interior
  • Participation in International Geophysical Programs
  • Liaison and coordination with various academic and professional organizations in India and abroad in the field of geosciences



Over the last half a century, there has been an ever escalating demand for earth’s vital natural resources especially those pertaining to sustainable water, minerals, metals and fossil fuels. Strategies for finding, exploiting and sustaining such resources have been largely built around innovations in science and technology. However, these developments have had degenerating effects on the environment and the climate. In addition to providing a comprehensive understanding of the basic research in earth processes, NGRI has been active in developing eco-friendly exploration strategies. Currently, NGRI aspires to transform itself into a unique centre for excellence with the following objectives that are relevant for high quality science as well as the societal and strategic needs.

  • R & D towards assessment and budgeting of water resources, development of insightful methodologies for exploration of ground water in arid and hard-rock areas with special care for geogenic and anthropogenic contamination, participation in societal missions for augmenting water resources for agriculture, industry and human consumption.
  • Ensuring energy security for the country by exploration for hydrocarbons (especially petroleum, clean coal, gas hydrates), atomic minerals and geothermal energy.
  • To develop models for site specific seismic hazard prognostication and build capabilities for real time Tsunami warning systems.
  • To build capabilities for high resolution multi-scale imaging of the earth’s interior, establishing precise time and duration of geologic processes to understand Earth’s dynamic evolution and thereby steer mineral exploration and geo-environmental strategies.
  • To achieve the above, NGRI is keen to establish an advanced centre built around accomplished scientists and laboratory facilities based on contemporary technology.


R & D Thrust Areas

  • Lithosphere and Earth’s Interior (Structure, Composition, Dynamics and Evolution)
  • Groundwater Hydrology (Exploration, Assessment and Management)
  • Exploration for Energy Resources and Minerals (Hydrocarbons including Gas Hydrates and Coal Bed Methane, Geothermal Energy, Uranium, Base and Noble Metals and Diamonds)
  • Earthquakes: Monitoring and Hazard Assessment
  • Shallow Surface Geophysics (Geotechnical and Engineering Applications)
  • Geo-Environment (Environmental Pollution & Paleo-climates)
  • Instrumentation (Geophysical Instrumentation)


  • Hostels:
    80 Bed accommodations for male and female students in two hostels located within the campus
  • Recreation:
    The Staff Club of NGRI organises various activities related to cultural, club tours, sports and games, health related lectures/camps for its members. It is also, in coordination with CSIR Sports Promotion Board, organizing various sports events for men and women for indoor and outdoor games.
  • Food Court:
    A food court facility for break-fast, lunch, tea/coffee and other snacks etc, at nominal rates.
  • Lecture Halls/Seminar Hall/Conference Rooms:
    The institute has a-state-of-the-art ‘S.Balakrishna’ Hall (350 seating capacity), Conference Room, Lecture Halls (2), Seminar Halls (2) with well equipped data projection systems, computers.
  • Community Centre (2):
    community centres for staff members to hold social gathering and other functions, festivals etc.
  • Sports Complex:
    Indoor (Shuttle) as well as Outdoor (Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball) Courts
  • Health Care Centre:
    Well equipped dispensary at campus with 2 resident doctors and 4 visiting specialists doctors, Gym, Yoga Centre within the hostel
  • Staff Club Hall:
    TV, Carom Boards, TT, Bridge, Chess, Newspapers and Magazines facilities for staff club members.
  • Guest House:
    NGRI Guest house has 22 Double rooms and 8 VIP
  • Rooms with 1 running and 1 executive dinning hall.
  • Post Office:
    A post office within the campus.
  • Bank:
    An extension counter of State Bank of Hyderabad in the Institute
  • Staff Quarters:
    There are various types of staff quarters (Type-I, II, III, IV, V and VI) available within the NGRI Campus.
  • NGRI School:
    High school up to 10th standard (Affiliated to Secondary Board of School Education, Andhra Pradesh) within the campus of NGRI.

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