Controlled Source Seismics

Ongoing Projects:

Project Title

Project Number & Sponsoring Agency

Controlled source seismic study for hydrocarbon    exploration and deep crustal imaging.   

Main Lab Project
MPL-6108-28 (LB)

2D seismic imaging for hydrocarbon exploration in     the Rewa Basin of Central India.   

CSIR-XII year Plan Project

Tomographic imaging of sub-basalt Mesozoic sediments  for its hydrocarbon potential in the Deccan Syneclise    region of  India.

GAP-523-28 (LB)
SERC-DST, Govt. of India



Name Designation
Dr. Laxmidhar Behera Principal Scientist and Project Leader

Mr. S. Raju

Sr. Principal Scientist

Dr. Ranjana Ghosh

Senior Scientist

Dr. B. Mandal

Senior Scientist

Dr. G.S.P. Rao

P. T. O

Mr. M. S. Reddy

S. T. O -3

Mr. V. Sridhar

S. T. O -3

Mr. N. Venkat Rao

S. T. O -2

Mr. P. Karuppanan


Mr. Sai Vijay Kumar

T. O.

Mr. N. Premkumar


Mrs. K. Renuka


Mr. K. Das


Mr. A. Srikanth


Dr. K. Chandrakala

Woman Scientist (DST)

Miss Karabi Takukdar


Mr. P. Chinmaykumar


Mr. Chotan Ram


Mrs. Neelaveni


Tomographic imaging of sub-basalt Mesozoic sediments for hydrocarbon potential in the Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP) of India (Behera and Sen, 2014)

Fig. 1 The geological map of the Deccan Syneclise region (marked as inset within the key map) in the Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP) of India through which four wide-angle seismic profiles were executed for sub-basalt imaging. Present study pertains to imaging of sub-trappean Mesozoic sediments along the N-S trending Sinor-Valod deep seismic sounding (DSS) profile. The different rock types exposed in this region are represented with their respective legends. The shot points (SP’s) are indicated as red dots with labels along different profiles, which are marked as thick black lines. The elevation map (top panel) is presented for the profile of study along with the color scale represents average elevations of this region.