Gravity and Magnetic studies for Geodynamics and Resources Exploration

Continuous wavelet transform of gravity and magnetic data to estimate
sub-basalt sediment thickness

Fig. Continuous Wavelet Transform of the magnetic data is found more responsive to the thickness of the basalt and gravity data relates mostly to the bottom of the sediment. The differences in two allow us to map thickness of sediment. The estimates obtained with the Continuous Wavelet Transform technique can play an important role in constructing initial model

Developing Insight into interaction between Mantle Processes and Crustal Tectonics:
Gravity Perspective

Fig Lithospheric model and observed and calculated response along W-E across Dharwar craton. Figs (a–(d), continuous lines correspond to calculated response of the initial model and dots with uncertainty bars correspond to measured data. blue line and symbols corresponds to free-air gravity anomalies, green ones to Bouguer anomalies.

MoU signed between CSIR-NGRI and MOIL on 20-01-2014

Ongoing Projects:

Project Title Project Number & Sponsored by
Gravity and Magnetic studies for Geodynamics and Resources Exploration. Main Lab Project MLP-6102-28(APS)
Developing insights into interactions between mantle processes and crustal tectonics: gravity perspective. INDEX (PSC-0204) (BS)
Structure of the crust and lithosphere of Singhbhum Craton and Chotanagpur Granite Gneiss complex INDEX (PSC-0204) (APS)
Geodynamics and Earthquake generating processes in NE India and Andaman Subduction Zone. GENIAS (PSC-0104)
Constructing a regional scale 3D model of upper crust in the Deccan Volcanic region SHORE (PSC-0205) (VMT)
Lunar Crustal thickness determination using gravity anomaly and topography datasets. GAP-685-28(VMT) SAC-ISRO, Ahmadabad


Name Designation
Dr.A.P.Singh Chief Scientist and Project Leader
Dr.Anand Kumar Pandey Principal Scientist
Dr.Niraj Kumar Scientist
Mr.Amol. E. Meshram Technical Officer
DMr.B.Nageswara Rao Technical Assistant
Mrs.Swarnapriya.Ch Technical Assistant
Mr.N.Srinivasa Rao Technical Assistant

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