A major program of NGRI since its inception is ground water exploration and management. Exploration for ground water using resistivity surveys has been extensively applied in water-stressed areas to delineate the configuration of different aquifer. The studies also focus on dynamics of aquifers due to variable parameters such as precipitation, recharge and extraction that are required to model the ground water flow. NGRI has expertise in R-C analog modeling but now upgraded to numerical modeling. NGRI has unique capability in the country to undertake tracer studies for visualization of hydrodynamic changes due to aquifer over-exploitation. Facilities for ground water dating are established and applied to complex hydrological systems. CSIR-NGRI has very successfully carried out state-of-the-art heliborne Transient Electromagnetic investigation first time in India and obtained fascinating results on the aquifer systems and its spatial characteristics covering almost all types of geological formation present in the country. Efforts are on to enhance natural water systems and treatment for safe and sustainable water supply in India