Dr. Kalachand Sain

Kalachand Sain received his M.Sc.(Tech) in Applied Geophysics from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad in 1988 and Ph.D. in Controlled Source Seismology from the Osmania University (CSIR-NGRI), Hyderabad. He visited Cambridge University (UK) and Rice University (USA) as a post-doctoral fellow. At present, he is the Senior Principal Scientist & Head of Gas-Hydrate Group at CSIR-NGRI, and is working on seismic attenuation & attributes, travel-time tomography, AVO modeling, 1-D & 2-D full-waveform inversion, impedance inversion, prestack depth migration, rock physics modeling. His main interests include the delineation and assessment of gas-hydrates, imaging sub-volcanic sediments, and understanding geotectonics from geophysical data. He has published 113 research papers in peer-review scientific journals, 79 non-SCI articles/reports, and guided for 61 dissertations as part of curriculum for M.Sc. Tech in App. Geophysics of several Indian Institutes/Universities. He has been recognized by a number of awards/fellowships/honours; notable among them are (i) Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India and Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences, (ii) Distinguished Alumnus Award (2017) of IIT(ISM); AP Scientist Award; Young Scientist Award of CSIR; National Mineral Award by Ministry of Mines; Best Paper Award (2012) published in Gondwana Research (IF=8.23); Best Poster Award by Int. Con. on Oil & Gas by PETROTECH, (iii) Bureau Member of International Lithosphere Program, (iv) Raman Fellowship (CSIR); BOYSCAST Fellowship (DST), (v) Krishnan Gold Medal, Anni Talwani Memorial Prize & Decennial Award of IGU, (vi) Prem Bahadur Memorial Lecture of IGC, etc. He is a member of numerous Committees like the Bureau Member of International Lithosphere Program under IUGG (2007-2015); Hon. Secretary of Indian Geophysical Union (2014 onward); Indian National Gas Hydrates Program (2000 onward); Alternate delegate of Asia pacific region to AAPG House of Delegates (2015-2017), and Editorial Boards of Int. Journals such as the 'Jour. of Geological Soc. of India & First Track Articles', 'Open Access Jour. of Geophys. & Remote Sensing', Open Access Int. Jour. of Geosci. Research', and Executive Editor of 'Journal of Indian Geophysical Union'. He served as a Guest Editor in 2 special issues on gas-hydrates in 'Marine & Petroleum Geology' (2011, 2014) by Elsevier and as a member of Editorial Board for the second edition of 'Encyclopedia for Solid Earth Geophysics' by Springer.

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