Dr. Parthasarathy G

Professor Gopalakrishnarao Parthasarathy,  has obtained  FIRST Rank in  B.Sc  and First Rank  in  M.Sc., (Physics)  from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.; PhD in Physics 1984 from Indian Institute of Science,   Bangalore,.   Alexander von Humboldt Fellow , Germany 1987‐88, Visiting Faculty  , Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA during 1989‐ 90. He was a faculty at IISC during 1984‐89. 

Since 1990 he has been working for National Geophysical Research Institute, CSIR, Hyderabad and initiated a new program “ Mineral Physics” “ nanogeoscience” in NGRI. He has been working on Physics and Chemistry of Earth and Planetary Materials.    He has been involved in studying the structure , composition and high pressure phase stability  of earth and planetary materials . Presently he has been working on the terrestrial analogs of Martian and Lunar surface materials. He has published more than 200 research papers in peer reviewed, and 8 international patents to his credit.  

He is a recipient of the prestigious PRL Award , Physical Research Laboratory, 2003; National Mineral Award from Ministry of Mines, Govt of India, 2003, MR Srinivasa Rao Award of the Geological Society of India 2008 for experimental Mineralogy and Petrology ;    MRSI Medal from the Materials Research Society of India, 2007 for the contributions to the understanding of the earth and planetary materials, 2007, Andhra Pradesh Scientist Award from APCOST, for the year 2007; Decennial Gold Medal of Indian Geophysical Union for the year 2009.

He is an elected  Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, Inida, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. Fellow of Telangana Pradesh Academy of Sciences, Fellow of Indian Geophysical Union, Fellow of Geological Society of India, Fellow of Indian Society of Applied Geochemists, Fellow of Mineralogical Society of India, Editorial Member of Open Mineral Processing Journal, USA; International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics; Open Journal of Geology, USA. Life Council Member of Indian Society of Geomatics, 2012.Council member of Telangana Academy of Sciences. Life Member of Astronautical Society of India; Life Member of Astronomical Society of India.   Editorial Member, Advances in Geological and Geophysical Engineering, USA, 2013.Journal of Earthquake Science & Engineering, Indian Society of Earthquake science.‐ since 2013; MAPAN, Journal of metrology society of India, since 2013; "Journal of Advanced Research in Remote Sensing & GeoScience"2014.Council Member, Indian Society of Geomatics, Space Application Center, Ahmedabad , 2015‐2017.Member, Geological Society of America  ‐9187350‐  2014.BoS, Senate , AcSIR‐  Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, CSIR, India.Editorial Member, Karbala International    Journal of Modern Science.  

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