Dr. Keshav Krishna A

Dr. A. Keshav Krishna obtained B.Sc degree from Osmania University, M.Sc degree from Andhra University and Ph.D from Osmania University. Dr. Keshav, presently working as Scientist in research group, Geo-Environmental Studies with Environmental Geochemistry specialization, has 14 years of research experience in the field of Applied Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Geochemistry, and Environmental Geochemistry in soil, water management and related environmental pollution and risk assessment. Dr. Keshav has worked with International collaborators under Indo-Norwegian Institutional Cooperation Programme on Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Sources, Transport, Fate, Risk and Remediation and also involved in various environmental assessment and monitoring projects which have societal benefits. He has field of experience in the environmental aspects of pollution studies, geochemical baselines mapping where India was a Nodal agency to carry out the studies for environmental management. Dr. Keshav has hands of experience on analytical instrumental techniques like XRF and ICP. He has published articles in several national and international journals focusing on interdisciplinary research. His priority research areas include development of new analytical methods for the determination of inorganic contaminants with reference to heavy metals in environmental medias like soils and sediments. Environmental impact assessment of heavy metals in soil and groundwater, Remedial technique and mitigation studies for soil and groundwater.

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