Dr. Kusumita Arora

Kusumita Arora is a geophysicist, working with the CSIR-NGRI for the last twenty years, who completed her graduation and post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and subsequently completed her Ph.D. in Osmania University, Hyderabad. Over the last two decades, she has pursuing the applications of potential field methods to investigate the structure and processes of the Earth. During the first half of her career she has worked in several team projects viz. Gravity Map Series of India, projects sponsored by OIL, ONGC, etc. involving the analysis and modeling of gravity and magnetic anomalies for deciphering subsurface structure. During the latter decade she has taken up the study of the geomagnetic field as the Head of the Magnetic Observatories HYB and CPL. She is actively pursuing new projects in the A&N and Lakshadweep Islands as well as the south coast of India to study variations of the EEJ and CEJ from magnetic records at these locations as well as the subsurface conductance structure.

Additionally she has worked on aspects of reservoir triggered seismicity based on surface features from airborne LiDAR data and shallow subsurface structural features based on borehole data.

Moreover she has been closely involved with the compilation of the Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics (ESEG) as an Editorial team member.

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