Dr. Sunder Raju P. V

Dr Raju PVS obtained his Bachelor and Master degree in Geology and Master’s degree in Technology (M. Tech) degree in Mineral Exploration with distinctions from Osmania University, Telangana state, India. Dr Raju had the great privilege to join the CSIR-NGRI (National Geophysical Research Institute) as Scientist under Dr S.M. Naqvi and obtained PhD under his guidance. He carried out postdoc work in Canada, Finland, South Africa and Australia under prestigious scholarships both national (BOYSCAST & RAMAN) and international (Indo-Australian, NSERC and “Canadian Ore Metallogeny” chair fellowship and SITRA). He also worked with international working groups led by Prof Sarah Barnes, Prof Tony Naldrett, Prof Eero Hanski with a specialization on PGMs, chromitite and Fe Oxides (Magnetite). He was part of a team to develop iron oxide (magnetite) and sulphides certified reference materials (CRMS) for LA-MC-ICPMS. He also published and presented his scientific work at several international conferences and by invited lectures. As a team effort with colleagues at NGRI, identified a low-grade high tonnage gold mineralisation along three km strike length and later proven by drilling (by HGML) in Dharwar Craton. Dr Raju was fortunate to carry fieldwork in the northern parts of Madagascar (Antalaha), South Africa (entire Bushveld complex LG, MG and UG), China (Emishen flood basalts), Canada (Sudbury, Voisey's Bay, Thompson Ni belt) and in Finland (Outokumpu) chromitite hosted platinum deposits and associated mineralogical aspects. He also participated in an expedition to Carlsberg Ridge. He keeps interest in Forensic and Medical Geology also and only member representing our country in working groups on International Critical minerals (ICM) and International Forensic Geology (IFG) under the flagship of IUGG. He is a fellow of several prestigious and learned societies in India and abroad, to name a few like a fellow of Society of Economic Geologists” (SEG), USA and “Geological Society of London” (FGS), Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SAG), Germany. To his credit, he was awarded Prof C. Mahadevan Mineral Science award. He wrote a book entitled “Gold in Banded Iron Formation”. At present Dr Raju working as a Principal Scientist and the project leader (WP) for sponsored projects funded by CSIR and DST. At present, he is working on sponsored projects funded by MOM, DST in collaboration with IIT, Mumbai and DST under societal and strategic sectors. He has vast experience in guiding Masters, PhD and International students under exchange programmes etc., and in handling state-art gadgets under the sophisticated analytical facility at CSIR-NGRI. He is a peer reviewer to several International journals and nominated member of International scientific bodies like (RSF) and nominated member for TSGPB, OU and Central Unvts. He keeps interest to ignite young minds in science and delivered popular lecture in several schools in and around Telangana state. As author /coauthor published artciles in high impact journals like "Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Gondwana Research, Geologica Acta, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, Ontario Geological Survey reports, Geological Survey of India Spl.Publication and recently in 2019- "Earth Science Reviews".

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