Seismic Tomography

                                 Seismic Imaging of the Indian Crust and Upper Mantle

Using earthquakes and/or seismic noise as source, we generate seismic images of various geo-tectonic units at varying scales (local to regional; shallow to deeper). These seismic images provide information in the deep interior of the Earth and are very useful in studying the geodynamics, seismotectonics and mineral exploration in the region.

We studied the crust and upper-mantle beneath South Indian shield, Kumaon-Garhwal Himalaya, Laccadive Island, Andaman Island, the Erebus Volcano (Antarctica) and Median Tectonic Line (Japan) using elegant seismic imaging techniques (e.g., Seismic Tomography, Receiver Function, Noise-correlation, Seismic Anisotrophy, Seismic Attenuation).



 Fig.: Moho depth Vp/Vs and seismic anisotropy variation maps of the South Indian Shield.


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Seismicity distribution and Fault plane solutions in Kumaon-Garhwal Himalaya


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Seismic Imaging of the Indian Crust and Upper Mantle

MLP-6505-28 (SKG)

Evolution and Modification of Indian Cratons-Seismological Perspective

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Dr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Senior Scientist and Project Leader

Dr. K. Sivaram

Senior Scientist

Mr. Sudesh Kumar


Mr. B.N.V. Prasad

Technical Officer