Doctoral Fellows

Post graduates in Geology, Geophysics, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and allied degrees, who have acquired a Fellowship under DST-INSPIRE, CSIR-JRF/SRF, WOS or any other recognized agency, may approach to assist them to look for the appropriate Supervisor to pursue a doctoral program, either under AcSIR or at a University of choice.

The Fellowship holder, guided by his/her proposed Supervisor will be required to make a presentation highlighting his/her completed work during Masters’ Dissertation and a brief outline of area of work for doctoral degree. Upon successful evaluation, the candidate will be issued the necessary Letter from NGRI, with which he/she may use for registration for the chosen doctoral program.

For On-Campus accommodation, please go through the Accommodation Statutes.


Project Staff

CSIR-NGRI recruit graduates and post graduates as Project Assistants at various levels to carry out work for externally and internally funded projects, through the advertisements on the website, from time to time. Such Project Staff are meant to primarily conduct work directly related with project deliverables and are not routinely encouraged to pursue doctoral research.

The selected Project Staff are encouraged to qualify for the JRF exams or achieve SRF Fellowship through publications related to their ongoing work, in reputed journals. In such cases they may be permitted to pursue PhD program as per regulations of the Institute.

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