Significant results in crustal scale seismic research at the Institute include delineation of the south-easterly dipping West Bengal sedimentary basin and the Hinge zone (relict of continental and proto-oceanic crustal boundary formed during the rifting of India from Antarctic) using seismic refraction tomography, delineation of sub-Trappean Mesozoic sediments in Saurashtra peninsula and Deccan Volcanic Province, imaging of sub-Trappean Gondwana sediments from CDP seismic reflection data in south Rewa basin, detection of hidden active faults in Kutch which can be associated with the seismicity.

A technique of finite difference full wave form modeling and imaging of tilted transverse isotropic media has been developed for specialized applications for hydrocarbon exploration in fold-thrust belts and similar active mountainous areas. 

Name Designation
Dr. L. Behera Senior Principal Scientist
Dr. Ranjana Ghosh Senior Scientist
Dr. Biswajit Mandal Senior Scientist
Mr. Venkat Rao N Senior Technical Officer (2)
Mr. Karuppannan P Technical Officer
Mr. Sai Vijay Kumar P Technical Officer
Mr. Prem Kumar N Technical Assistant
Mrs. Renuka K Technical Assistant
Mr. Das K Senior Technician (1)


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